African Arts Week 2017

The aims of the African Arts Week 2017 are:

  • To celebrate the arts and culture of African people in the Midlands
  • To facilitate cultural professional development within the Midlands
  • To explore and map available resourcing of Midlands based African artist’s development
  • To attract and develop new audiences for African arts, both within the Midlands and beyond
  • To actively engage other communities within the Black British Midlands, and collaborate and create new, interesting and relevant cultural artefacts and outputs
  • To stimulate public debate and increase awareness of the impact of Africans arts on contemporary arts practice in the Midlands
  • To encourage the active participation of schools, colleges and local communities in African collaborative arts programmes
  • To research and develop the African arts, and initiate programmes of learning around them

African Arts Week 2017 will be a celebration of the spirit of Africa – and will involve symposiums and talks, film screenings, visual arts, music, young people’s projects, food and fashion.

The Concept for the Arts Week is the brainchild of Twice Grammy Award winning African percussionist Lekan Babalola, who will be curating it through his organisation The Ifa Yoruba Contemporary Arts Trust, in partnership with; African Cultural Exchange, Midland Arts Centre, African and Anthropology Dept of University of Birmingham, Jazz Lines, Birmingham City Council, Punch Records, Symphony Hall, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham City Library.

The African Arts Week 2017 will run from 12-6pm daily with evening concerts from 8-10:30pm by Midland and UK based African musicians – to be confirmed.

African Arts Week 2017 Content:

  • Exhibitions of work by UK based African visual artists
  • African food festival popups
  • Short films on Contemporary African Art
  • Contemporary African Cinema – from Nollywood to Ouagadougou
  • Young people’s projects in schools throughout Birmingham, raising the profile of African arts and history within the education sector
  • African related music and art workshops
  • Symposiums, discussions and talk by artists, cultural activist, musicians and cultural entrepreneurs, Theatre and Dance Directors, Cultural Curators, Writers and others, will present talks