Re-imagining Birchfield

DURING THE EARLY PART OF MAY, THE IFA YORUBA CONTEMPORARY ARTS TRUST WILL HAVE COLLECTED SOME FASCINATING STORIES and anecdotes from well-respected elders within the local community, through which we’ll be gifted with their cultural knowledge and learnings, built on a wealth of life experiences and unforgettable moments.
Whilst the elders will have been given a much-needed voice through the telling of their stories, we want to give you a unique opportunity to interpret these through loads of creative, exciting and educational

Using drama, storytelling, writing, songs, rap, visual art, film and photography to explore the essence of these stories, the Ifa Yoruba Contemporary Arts Trust want to inspire young people to take an
interest in their wider community and encourage to ask questions about their elders and about the history of the surroundings they inhabit.

Join us for an unforgettable experience based on a lifetime of captivating stories interpreted in fun and engaging ways.

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